Genetically Modified Cattle

Those following this blog should now have a good understanding about genetically modified plants, but what about livestock we eat? Obviously animals are far more complex organisims than plants, and that creates more issues with genetic modification. However in America they have been having success with genetically modified cows. “The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research … More Genetically Modified Cattle

Crop Protection

One of the main benefits of GM crops is there level of crop protection against diseases, insects and viruses. In Australia, GM crops have provided environmental benefits by allowing reduced insecticide application and changes to the types of insecticides used on them. A huge benefit of this is it reduces the chemical run-off from insecticides into … More Crop Protection

Top 5 Pros of GM Food

Insect Resistance – no longer are crops at the mercy of bugs and insects trying to steal our food! Environment Protection – According to research done by Oklahoma State University – GM foods take seem chemicals, time and tools to maintain. This means less pollution and greenhouse gases. More Nutritious Food – Food can now … More Top 5 Pros of GM Food

First Post

The world is evolving, so is your food. Fighting the myths about genetically modified foods. ‪#‎engineeredfood‬ ‪#‎healthyeating‬