Your Mcdonald’s Apples Just got healthier

Currently most GM foods are grown to benefit the farmer, such as resistance to drought or herbicide. But now we have a GM food that is doing what they should – benefiting the consumer.

Apples that don’t turn brown when cut or bruised are now approved for sale in the US.

These fruits were developed by a Canadian biotech company by the name of Okanagan Speciality Fruits. Currently the apples are available in Golden Delicious and Granny Smith. The company is already working on more non-browning fruits.

Currently precut apples, such as the ones available at Mcdonalds, are treated with antioxidant chemicals to stop them turning brown. “Right now, to make fresh-cut apple slices and put them in the bag, 35 or 40 percent of the cost is the antioxidant treatment,” explains Okanagan president Neal Carter. “So you could make a fresh-cut apple slice 30 percent cheaper.” Using these GM apples would also actually mean less chemicals on precut apples!

These non bruising apples are an excellent example of GM foods being created to benefit the consumer. The way GM foods should be used.



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