Genetically Modified Food People Are Already Eating

  1. CorncornGM corn can show up in a lot of products, not just corn on the cob. This can be found in corn syrup in drinks and corn starch.
  2. SoybeanssoybeanGM soybeans are still mostly used in animal feed but they can also be found in soybean oil which is used in processed foods and in chain restaurants.
  3.  CottoncottonGM cotton is turned into cottonseed oil, which is used for frying and in packaged foods like chips and margarine
  4. PotatoespotatoGM potatoes are only new and have only just been adopted into the food supply
  5. PapayapapayaGM papaya which are bred to withstand viruses have been commercially produced since the 1990s.
  6. SquashsquashGM squash have also been commercially available since the 1990s.
  7. CanolacanolaGM Canola is used to make cooking oil and margarine.
  8. Alfalfa alfalfaGM alfalfa is mostly used as hay for cattle.
  9. ApplesappleGm apples have recently been approved and can now appear on shelves.
  10. Sugar BeetssugarbeetGM sugar beets account for more than half of the supply for the US since 2008

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